My family will be using this page to provide updates on my situation.

November 27, 2016

This summer my sister in law Janelle mentioned to me that my thyroid looked enlarged.  After going to doctor appointments they discovered I had a mass on my thyroid.

On October 26 they Removed the mass and thyroid also some lymph nodes that were swollen. My surgeon sent sample out for biopsy,

November 4, I got the phone call from the doctor and they found cancer in my lymph nodes. I was diagnosed with Insular Thyroid  cancer. I have been told by surgeon Insular cancer is a very rare and aggressive cancer.

On November 29 the Surgeons will be going into my neck and removing lymph nodes, in addition to to cracking my chest to get the lymph nodes that are infected.

My family and I are talking about going to M.D. Anderson in Texas, two weeks after surgery to get a game plan on treatment for the lymph nodes that cannot be gotten to. This cancer center is rated the top cancer center in the United States.

I have been overwhelmed with people’s kindnesses and didn’t want to make a big announcement  but since word travels fast I want people to hear it straight from me.

I have been very blessed that Trevor was able to take a month off work to be home and take me to all my doctors appointments my mom and Janelle have also been able to accompany me.

I realize in times like these we all want to help and all we can do is pray.

Specific Prayer Requests

Insurance will cover M.D. Anderson.
Finances will be available for airfare and expenses to go to Texas.
Trevor to be able to stay off work.
Peace for my family in this scary time